Opportunity is Waiting

After touring the state listening to business leaders, Governor Mark Dayton has begun moving forward with a jobs plan.

One of the biggest obstacles small business identified is access to capital—not burdening taxes. As a result, the governor is making available an infusion of cash for small businesses to borrow.

The governor also followed up with a jobs summit that attracted more than 800 business, academic and government leaders.

With state unemployment holding around the 7 percent mark, and not lowering by any significant degree, we need a way to get businesses hiring again. Obviously 9 years of “no-new-tax” policy isn't doing the job.

Aside from capital, the summit addressed ways for businesses to expand into new fields and markets. One of the main concerns with expansion deals with encouraging existing professionals and those out of work to re-train.

We must find a way to prepare workers for emerging fields that hold a great deal of opportunity. Such fields may not be traditionally appealing to some, especially to parents who want their child to pursue a liberal arts education and the white collar profession that ensues.

With jobs being created mainly in health and manufacturing, that is where the promise for stable employment lies. However, with many not having the training or desire to fill jobs in these growing fields, something needs to be done.

Tuition is undoubtedly incredibly expensive. Yet, even decreasing tuition, or making loans easier to obtain cannot persuade workers to begin studying a trade or skill. While we have a tool in MnSCU to maintain an adaptable workforce, we also need to start encouraging the pursuance of a wider array of professions at whatever point in life one is able to embark on such a quest.

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