Matt Damon, Smarter Than You

And by “you,” I, of course, mean rightwing ideologues. An online video of Matt Damon defending teacher tenure is going viral and I couldn’t help but share. Damon’s mom is a teacher, also Damon's just a good guy, so when a reporter from a far-right online site asked him a negative question about tenure, he shot back.

The school year is starting back up, so expect the usual set of back-to-school stories about the issues facing schools in Minnesota and across the country. While progressives like Mark Dayton are actually working to find positive solutions to improve the state’s education system, like dumping No Child Left Behind and replacing it with honest-to-goodness measurements of student learning, conservatives will continue to slime teachers in hopes that no one will notices that they don’t have a real vision of their own to offer Minnesotans.

The little time Minnesota conservatives did spend working on education policy in the past legislative cycle was used to a) cut even more money from schools and b) propose ridiculous legislation to end teacher tenure that they knew would never become law.

Our education system needs to see major changes and improvements and while conservatives are forcing us backwards, at least Carol from 30 Rock is helping to move our public policy debate forward.

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